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Spec editorial hypocrisy

When Trump weaponized the novel coronavirus variously as the “China virus” and the “Kung flu,” “most reasonable minds,” including The Spec, correctly condemned his conspiracy theory for two reasons; first, no evidence was presented, and second, by characterizing the virus’ origins as Chinese, Trump unleashed a wave of anti-Asian racism resulting in a huge spike in hate crimes against Asians in North America. Six women in Atlanta paid with their lives. Hate crimes against Asians rose 717 per cent last year in B.C.

Trump went even further. He foolishly pulled the U.S.A. out of the World Health Organization (WHO), endangering its very existence.

Now, however, that Biden ordered his intelligence agencies to find evidence of the virus’ Chinese origins, the same people who condemned Trump, including The Spec, now applaud Biden. How hypocritical!

The World Health Organization sent a team of specialists to Wuhan last January. Their report found no evidence of a Wuhan lab leak and concluded it was most likely the disease passed from animals to humans. Clearly then, Biden’s quest for a Chinese culprit, like Trump, denigrates the work of the WHO and also, like Trump, Biden seeks unfairly to demonize China.

Will Biden’s “(il) legitimate bid” for a Wuhan lab-leak have the same effect for China as Bush’s and Blair’s illegitimate search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?

It is shameful, but totally unsurprising, that by the end of last week, Trudeau threw his support behind Biden. Canada truly needs an independent foreign policy!

Ken Stone, Hamilton Coalition To Stop The War





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