The Hamilton Spectator - 2021-10-14


Journalists must earn respect


Regarding Paul Berton’s column on Oct. 9, “Attacking journalists is despicable”: This column touches upon important issues, yet mentions nothing about media’s widespread abdication of their duty and ethics. Justin Trudeau hit a beach on National Day for Truth and Reconciliation (surely not a good move on his part), and many media outlets responded by devoting their precious space and time to that story, and not National Day for Truth and Reconciliation itself. A quick review of Ontario news platforms over the past several months reveals shallow reporting of Premier Doug Ford’s failures — few even ask where the $4 billion of federal COVID money has gone. Sure, some reporters do exemplary work, but many seem to be reflecting the biases of the businesses they represent. So, no, journalists should not be threatened or harassed — but, if they want respect, they have to earn it. There is a reason #CDNMediaFails trended on Twitter for over a week. Brad Hussey, Dundas


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