The Hamilton Spectator - 2021-10-14


If it works for Ottawa ...


Do you ever wonder who is running this city and why we are so backward thinking? I asked Coun. Esther Paul why Hamilton has only two speed cameras and her answer was a typical response for a city deep in debt. She said it cost too much money to process all these tickets, more than the infraction. Well, if you’re going to ticket someone for exceeding the limit by less than five kilometres over the limit, you might have a case. Try taking a trip to Ottawa where the city stands to make more than $8.5 million next year by adding 15 new cameras across the city. The city netted $5.4 million from eight locations in 2020. It plans on adding 15 to 25 cameras per year starting in 2023. Now you know how to slow down the traffic, making the streets much safer, and making a few bucks at the same time. Bob Biggs, Hamilton


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