The Hamilton Spectator - 2021-10-14


It’s time for real accessibility for all


Regarding Luca Patuelli’s commentary calling for the Accessible Canada Act, adopted in 2019 to create a barrier-free Canada and enable the full and equal participation of persons with disabilities, seniors with mobility issues and parents trying to manoeuvre strollers: In 1991, I worked in an office building in London, Ont., that took measures to accommodate the physically disabled. They generously put one access in the back door of the building. Why couldn’t they have had a ramp at the front doors, too? Being directed to the back of the building tells us what? What if the back entrance was not available? We have come a long way to make more infrastructure accessible, but clearly there is more work to be done. Canada should lead by example, not wait for another country to show the way. The groups mentioned above also pay taxes. And most of us will eventually fit into one of those demographics. The act was adopted in 2019. It is time to ensure its mandate is fulfilled in every province. Linda Ploen, Burlington


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