The Hamilton Spectator - 2021-10-14


What do Conservatives stand for?


Erin O’Toole decided he had to move the Conservative platform to the left to become more centrist for this past election. This is not what he stood for during his run to become the leader. He was simply chasing votes. Leading up to election day, I frequently heard media ask where the Conservatives have to stand in order to break through, in order to capture the urban vote. How naive I must be to think that a party actually stands for certain beliefs rather than changing their beliefs simply to garner votes. Maybe, instead of playing politics, our politicians should look around and determine what Canada needs to do. We need to return to manufacturing. We need to become less reliant on China, which simply is on the path of taking over at any cost. We need to ban Huawei from our coming 5G network. We need to continue to fight for all to be vaccinated. We need to get real about climate change. We need to support our country and its citizens. Suki Garson, Hamilton


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